Experience is the teacher of all things

In all the time I’ve spent, initially as a Dance Teacher, then many years performing in the west end and the latter 19 years presenting, I’d always offered a listening ear and an openness to communicate. This all led to the realisation that I felt really good about being able to understand and not only listen, but HEAR what people had to say. Julius Caesar said “Experience is the teacher of all things.” I wanted to use my years of experience, and the knowledge I’d accumulated to maximum effect.

Since arriving back from Spain 8 years ago, with my personal training qualification I wanted to offer something more, as existing clients would often begin talking about their everyday issues, problems and concerns. The guidance and support I offered, helped them to not only see things more clearly but directed them to achieve goals in their life that previously hadn’t seemed achievable. What I hadn’t realised was one of my own personal goals was about to be accomplished. I wanted to coach, I wanted to motivate, and I wanted to make a difference.


When public speaking, you should welcome all those awkward questions with composure and clarity whilst being able to respond authoritatively.


Whether it’s business, personal or performance coaching; presenting yourself in the right way is one of the key components to your success.


In working with young offenders, I started out with the Ministry of Justice 3 years ago, helping 11-17 year olds with a mixture of physical exercise and classroom discussions about the crimes they had committed.

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