My Journey


My journey began by winning the UK disco dancing championships, then meeting my hero Michael Jackson whilst performing in Starlight Express, to presenting iconic TV shows like Blues Clues, The Holiday Programme and currently The One Show on BBC1. As well as reporting for The One Show, I am currently filming a new consumer daytime series for BBC1.

I wanted to be a footballer more than anything, but a knee injury scuppered my plans and led me along another career path a million miles from my Schoolboy dreams. Instead of football, I gained recognition for dancing and presenting through hard work and just a little bit of talent.

I grew up in Toxteth Liverpool. Life could be tough, but I was always loved. There were difficult times where situations could have gone one of two ways with friends. Having a strict father meant I chose a good, but unpredictable path. Like many scousers, football ran through my veins. I had trials with a few football clubs, touring Canada but injury stopped my initial dreams of playing for Liverpool. I gave up playing for two years, this experience really threw me off track, for the first time in my life I felt lost and without direction.


I left school at 15 and became an apprentice accountant, I had no intention of seeing it through; but working for a living was my only option. At weekends I’d meet up with friends at my local youth club where we enjoyed showing off our dance moves. A Merseyside dance promoter trained us for the regional Disco dancing championships, we came first at the UK Disco dancing championships later that year. Flick Colby one of the judges suggested I applied to dance school. For the next three years I trained and gained teaching qualifications in ballet tap and modern dance and moved to London for auditions and work.

Despite being an outsider, I worked on many light entertainment shows. A tour with Tommy Steele, fashion shows, and pantos preceded successfully auditioning for Starlight Express. At my initial meeting with Arlene Phillips I fell off my skates. I practised every day and re-auditioned, joining the world tour travelling to Japan and Australia. I returned to the London show as dance Captain and principal.

During this time, I wanted to move into Television. I was runner up in a national TV Presenting competition. Shortly after this I began presenting in a morning programme at Sky1 with Adam Garcia, from here I auditioned for Blue’s Clues. I was shortlisted along with 100 other presenters, and was chosen by a public vote. A pilot shot at Universal Studios proved pivotal for the show’s success, years later it still enjoys millions of YouTube hits.


The Holiday Show was my first Prime time Television show; as the programmes official activity guy, I really earned my money making skiing and rock climbing look so effortless. I spent a number of years living and working in Southern Spain, rebuilding an olive farm with my family who are bilingual. Alongside my TV career I’ve spent 3 years mentoring and coaching. I’m employed by the Ministry of Justice working with young Offenders and continue to develop this motivational area of my skillset.


I’m now working on a number of TV and radio projects. Whilst being a regular reporter for the One Show covering current affairs. I’m also filming a new BBC1 daytime consumer series.

Please feel free to contact me as I love to hear about new projects.

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