Public Speaking

I can help you overcome that fear

Make no mistake; I do what I do because it makes me feel great when I’ve helped a client achieve their goal. With all the years of experience I’ve had presenting and talking in front of hundreds of people or in a room with a handful of people, I am skilled in just about every scenario. When Public speaking, you should welcome all those awkward questions with composure and clarity whilst being able to respond authoritatively.

I know for some it can fill you with dread, fear and anxiety. Well it doesn’t have to be that way. I can offer public speaker training, presentation and pitch skills. If it’s for a networking event, a specific presentation that you have to deliver or your end of quarter summary, I can help you overcome that fear and not only that, but help you to actually look forward to it and enjoy it.

To stand out from the competition you have to be memorable and unique. Just getting up and saying the words is not enough to leave a lasting impression on your prospective clients. You will be surprised at how many business people freeze at the thought of standing up and talking for 3 minutes or even 60 seconds about the company they either own or work for. I can work with you one to one; or you may have a team of people who you would like to be coached.

Having worked with many sales teams and business leaders to help them overcome this fear or build on the confidence they already have, I use a mixture of NLP, presentation experience using power words, body language and structure to generate the interest, to create the desire and to leave the recipient wanting to know more about you and your business and as we all know…

People do business with people they like!

Could not authenticate you.

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