Young Offenders

An ability to make positive, long lasting changes

I started working with Young Offenders and the Ministry of justice in Sussex three years ago. I devise and facilitate sessions with 11-17 year olds using a mixture of physical exercise and classroom discussions about the crimes they had committed.

A fixed number of sessions forms part of the restorative process needed to help them move forward with their lives, to make the right choices and follow a different path to crime. My original role has evolved into a mentoring position allowing me to work with offenders aged between 18-24 for the C.R.C (Community rehabilitation Company). In this role I deliver sessions through the bespoke rehabilitation framework, My Solution Rehabilitation Programme (MSRP).

This engages the young offenders in practical skills training, cognitive awareness and employment-focused activities to increase their ability to make positive, long-lasting changes to their lives.

Firstly a person needs to understand their reason for offending to change their thinking about behaviour. When they can do this, they are ready to take responsibility for making changes to the way they live.

I like to teach, listen and understand on a level they are comfortable with. My sessions cover: victim empathy, budgeting, nutrition, communication, CV writing skills, drug and alcohol awareness, sexual health, consent and many more. Although these sessions have been designed for rehabilitation purposes they lend themselves and are a very good start for pupils in a school or college environment. I believe highlighting these issues before it’s too late is essential for all young adults. I am just about to start sessional work in the Surrey area.

“In my opinion, Kev Duala has a unique gift in being able to communicate across all levels to groups of mixed ability individuals, in order to include all parties in discussion and debate. Not only that but Kev, can clearly get important messages to those Service Users where in the past they may have struggled to grasp them, which is shown in the results he delivers on a consistent basis.”

Adrian Darby

Officer in Charge, Surrey & Sussex Senior Attendance Centres

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